Keywords: Nikola Tesla, Bio politics, Human Ecology, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Neurophilosophy, Noobionics


“And how much farther again is the next milestone on the road to peace—an international judicial service equally reliable as the postal!”

Nikola Tesla


The rise of planetary communication technologies seem to be truly beneficial for the two crucial areas of human society mentioned by Nikola Tesla- the postal and judicial. Yet ironically, in this globalization era our social and cultural adaptation to new realities is rather painful, as we face constantly growing inequality. Something seems to be deeply wrong; humanity is in hectic search for the new ways of cohabitation and coexistence.

This period, full of turmoil, is the right time to revisit the work of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the great scientist and visionary who foresaw the future problems that humanity will face: energy, food, water, pollution, death and birth issues, etc.

Often accused for being ephemeral, he was just far ahead of his time! Not only he wasn’t ephemeral, but managed to make of his body “an exceptionally accurate instrument of reception“. Notice, among other things, he accurately predicted the start of the WWII.

Both in his views and work he was as much daring as much he was practical:

’’ We can’t abolish war by outlawing it; we cannot end it by discerning the strong. War can be stopped not by making the strong weak, but by making every nation- weak or strong-able to defend itself. ’’ Nikola Tesla

His formulas of peace and war were as follows:

  F1=F2= peace

 F1>F2= war

 F1<F2= war


In an interconnected model of the universe it is hard to imagine that human behavior, triggering such large scale phenomena as world wars, happens randomly.

“Though it may seem so, a war can never be caused by arbitrary acts of man. It is invariably the more or less direct result of cosmic disturbance in which the sun is chiefly concerned.” Nikola Tesla


Milutin Milankovitch (1879-1958), another brilliant Serbian scientist, also mentioned solar rhythmic cycles to be the most important trigger of cosmic and earthly phenomena. What religions call corrupted cosmic order, scientists explain by cyclical changes that make part of even greater cosmic cycles described in ancient sources- notably, the Vedic literature. Tesla was familiar with Vedic literature, admired and befriended Vivekananda, and used Sanskrit terminology in his work (e.g. the word Akash that he borrowed from Sanskrit to designate the ether).

On many occasions Tesla mentioned that he is not an inventor, but rather a discoverer drawing his inspiration and ideas from an unknown core– the universal intellect center.



On this picture we see Nikola Tesla’s AC (alternating current) electricity generator (U.S. Patent 390,721) and some examples of countless Cosmic or Solar medallions for protection and SOLAR POWER found throughout ARMENIA (Second millennium BC). It is remarkable that similar symbols were found in all parts of the world. The so called “Wheel of the heaven“, with its four pathways radiating from the center, is a symbol found on a wide range of artifacts (medallions, petroglyphs, pictographs, etc.) of ancient civilizations virtually all over the world.

I came up with the idea of striking resemblance of Tesla’s rotating magnetic field generator with thousand year-old petroglyphs and solar medallions, when I crossed the scientific project called “Thunderbolts of the Gods“[1] (D. Talbott, D. Scott, W. Thornhill). These scientists connect plasma physics and electric universe model with ancient mythology. They suggest that our ancestors could have witnessed a different sky with different celestial objects; hence, petroglyphs might correlate with direct observations of the sky that was shaped by electromagnetic influences within the solar system. According to the scientific team, these influences are similar to plasma discharges observed in modern laboratories.

These artefacts could be witnesses, for long time ago people knew about the solar power and tried to harness it in their own manner.

The alternating current (AC) discovery is one of the most vibrant and exciting EUREKA MOMENTS in the history of science. Tesla caught the idea of alternating current and unlocked the secret of the rotating magnetic field while reciting his preferred verse from Goethe’s „Faust“:

“Sie ruckt und weicht, der Tag ist uberlebt,

Dort eilt sie hin und fordert neues Leben.

Oh, dass kein Flugel mich vom Boden hebt

Ihr nach und immer nach zu streben!

Ein schoner Traum indessen sie entweicht,

Ach, zu des Geistes Flugeln wird so leicht

Kein korperlicher Flugel sich gesellen!“


The Serbian genius with deeply poetic spirit was always advocating the harmony between the science, technological progress and nature. He mentioned 3 ways to increase human energy:

  1. a) Increasing of the mass (e.g. food producing)
  2. b) Increasing of the impelling force (e.g. energy producing)
  3. c) Reduction of retarding forces (e.g. uneducated people, ignorance, and religious fanaticism)


The point (c) has a special significance, since no food or energy addition can compensate the lack of education and awareness. Imagine a society, where every single person is empowered by education and awareness. It might be very difficult to rule such a society; hence, the controlling or ruling institutes might be significantly diminished. Education is a universal tool which is acting on multiple levels. Not only it can increase the overall “velocity” through the knowledge, but can also reduce frictional force of ignorance by unifying heterogeneous elements of humanity and by turning the negative forces (religious fanaticism, warfare) into useful ones.

Summarizing Tesla, humans need food, peace and work!

Staying true to Tesla’s vision and the principle of BIONICS which he used extensively, we do not need to “invent“ anything; knowledge is always there-lying deep in nature of all things. It just takes to discover, then make a clever “BACK ENGINEERING“, for not to say “IMITATION“.

“To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end. The human being is no exception to the natural order.“ Nikola Tesla


Yet no other species in nature has such a monstrous expression of intraspecific parasitism!

The explanation of this perhaps lies in badly copied artificial mechanisms of control, superimposed on the system of natural autoregulation.

“Who controls the food supply, controls the people.’’ Henry Kissinger


Ironically, something that in nature is regulated per se is regarded as an instrument of additional control in human society. Nature operates via loops and webs, and through constant flow of feedback endows the system with highly sustainable autoregulation mechanism which is far more reliable than artificially superimposed rules. Tesla with his striking foresight mentioned that among all of the evils No1 is the inability to provide healthy nutrition. Currently big corporations provide nutrition, using genetically modified crops and chemical fertilizers derived from oil compounds. For an efficient fertilization of soil Tesla suggested to produce (fixate) compounds of nitrogen. Alas! The nitrogen era which would compete with the iron era, hasn’t yet started, just like the free worldwide energy era!

Bionics can be a wise tool to apply not only in sciences, but also in our social life regulation. So, why can’t we create a wiser, web-like economy [2]? Why can’t we learn from dolphins or bees? Interestingly, Tesla predicted that humanity will become a perfect bee civilization at some point of its development.

One fundamental statement by Nikola Tesla just proves why the web pattern is so crucial in nature and universe:

 “There is no energy whatsoever in matter, but all borrowed from the environment.’’ N.T.


This idea correlates with modern theory of epigenetics too: the signal from the environment is responsible for the gene expression through the DNA regulatory proteins (B. Lipton [3]).

Thus, energy can be solely borrowed from the environment.

So, the question is how to borrow it wisely! Instead of the so called food pyramid we rather observe a food chain, and when a true domination takes place in the animal or other kingdoms, it always implies an immense responsibility. In any kind of natural domination a great intelligence is always present (e.g. the queen bee dominates over the hive, yet at the same time she’s responsible for the survival of the whole hive).

Unfortunately, the domination in human race implies some form of parasitism, and is expressed by greed and moral deterioration.

 “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.” Theodore Roosevelt


The Byzantine Empire was the last one among empires to operate without the hidden parasitic elite [4].

Currently the global geopolitical tension could be summarized as confrontation between East and West, yet none of them was able to successfully solve the biggest problem for the human race- the virus of Domination! There’s virtually no difference between religious fanaticism and the domination doctrine. No wonder, Tesla regarded religious fanaticism as one of the retarding forces of humanity. It is still used to artificially induce wars and clashes between nations. Instead of implementing Tesla’s wise prescription to travel, to exchange thoughts and intelligence, to dispel ignorance of the doings of others by a systematic spread of general knowledge’’, today we see unprecedented actions implemented worldwide: massive lockdowns, travel restrictions and censorship on different online platforms. Some invisible hand just uses the frictional force of ignorance to create havoc and chaos, in hope for a new order to be made of this chaos.

The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government, combining super-capitalism and Communism under the same tent; all under their control … Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” [5] Larry McDonald


Congressman Larry McDonald died under enigmatic circumstances in 1983.

Тhe development of planetary communication technologies steadily raises the overall level of awareness, and in fact, is the only real force capable of shaking the corrupted domination system. Thus, technological achievements in telecommunication might serve to develop more intelligent models for self-regulation of the human society. There’s the way of Choice and Freedom- the way of the GREAT WEB! Only the systems based on the dynamic BALANCE are sustainable.

There is no such thing as chaos in nature. In living matter order and chaos are inseparable. And despite the artificial chaos created by wars, pandemics, food shortage threats, actually, the natural autoregulation is taking place in all parts of the world. Indeed, the humanity is ONE huge organism with an astonishing diversity, and a good communication between parts inevitably leads to a well-balanced system.

“What we call a part is merely a pattern in an inseparable web of relationships.”

Fritjof Capra [6]


One can find the notion of an interconnected web everywhere: from Indra’s Net to Nikola Tesla and Fritjof Capra (b.1939).


NOOBIONICS: The Art of Intellect versus the AI


The consciousness itself has web-like qualities, and the living matter is actually a “conscious matter” (of higher or lower caliber). There is no high intelligence without awareness. And what is awareness, if not a sophisticated multi-dimensional network of loops? Human brain creates structures in up to 11 dimensions [7],

‘Man, like the universe, is a machine.’’ Nikola Tesla


Tesla was convinced that humans are automatons, and it is really appropriate to think of the AI as a way and a tool to understand the ART OF INTELLECT (see neutralization of frictional forces), yet the AI is used in such a banal thing as surveillance via identification networks (see artificially superimposed controlling and domination system). There are attempts to make of the AI a substitute for old methods of control in economy (induced financial depressions, slavery through credits, etc.). Since the consumption process directly influences the circulation of the financial capital, digital technologies and the AI are being used for social engineering and the control of consumption instinct, which hasn’t been done ever before!

So, instead of correcting parasite-like features of economy, we are witnessing even spookier futuristic-nightmarish scenarios being developed. The mistakes that we commit will define the shortness of morality, fairness and transparency in our entanglement with machines. So if we want morality and fairness in AI, we should be moral and fair ourselves. A non-ethical society, armed with all kinds of technologies, will remain just a primitive crowd, vastly surpassed by the million year old unchanged civilization of the bees and their ART of INTELECT! I even coined a word to express the imitation of the universal intellect which is omnipresent in nature and universe: NOOBIONICS ©,

The AI is not something novel; there are hints on AI in different sources: the Sumerian myths about the creation of lulus, or more recent stories about Jewish golems.

Moreover, I suspect that the Chinese highly sophisticated, enigmatic prediction system called I CHING (The Book of Changes) was designed as some kind of ancient proto AI! Other hints on AI are present in Tesla’s opus called ‘The art of Teleautomatics’. He introduced an absolutely intelligent model to stop the bloodshed and overcome the wars by transporting the element of fight from humans onto the automatons. So, the notion itself isn’t novel, nor is it a substitute for NATURAL intelligence!

“When wireless is perfectly applied the whole world will be converted into a huge brain, which, in fact, it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole.”  Nikola Tesla



Ironically, Tesla’s most widely implemented invention—the AC system— was considered by the inventor himself to be out of date already at its birth.

The globe is rotating and recharging fields around itself; it’s as simple as that! Moreover, Tesla discovered that an effective use of solar energy is only possible through the wireless.

“The greater are the spaces to be bridged, the more rational becomes communication without wires.” Nikola Tesla

The idea of harnessing the earth reservoir’s energy and obtaining it at any point in the universe is not novel either! Tesla mentions the myth about Antheus deriving power from the earth. The ancient civilizations probably had universal telecommunication and power transmission systems. Long time ago they knew what we are learning today: earth has its own grid, frequencies and network of channels or communication paths, very much akin to micro pathways for energy transmission in human body called Nadis in Sanskrit.

In his 1905 article „The Transmission of electrical energy without wires as a means of furthering world peace“ [8] Tesla describes what is now known as Schumann Resonance (7.8 Hz) many years before its mathematical formulation by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952.

Leaving open the future options to harness energy by using magnetism or even the gravity force, Tesla clearly mentions about the common sources of energy of the future: the sun, the ocean, the winds and tides and the “white coal”- the waterfall.



According to Tesla, that’s how the prayer of the coming generations will sound in Latin; it reads: “Give us our daily waterfall!”

It should be borne in mind that electrical energy obtained by harnessing a waterfall is probably fifty times more effective than fuel energy. Nikola Tesla

Besides wireless, absolutely indispensable in power transmission, Tesla highlights one more important thing- the reasonable use of resources. He mentions that from all available no more than 2 % of the coal is used by gas and steam or electricity engines to produce energy, which is a horrible loss of material. Through AC and redesigning high-pressure steam or gas engines the waste of motive energy was significantly reduced but the problem remains unsolved.

According to Tesla, burning a material to gain energy is barbarous by itself, and would afterwards lead to exhaustion of material on the planet.

“Wireless will not only make possible the supply of energy to regions, however inaccessible, but it will be effective politically, by harmonizing international interests.

It will create understanding, instead of differences.” Nikola Tesla


A reasonable question arises: why can’t European countries—struggling against dependency on Russian gas and oil— implement Tesla’s technology of clean energy? Well, maybe because it is hard to implement in a compartmentalized world? And perhaps, that’s why Tesla highlights the role of the wireless in achieving worldwide peace?! After the epic failure of his Wardenclyffe project, initially supported by none other than the “devil” himself (J.P. Morgan), Tesla made a significant remark about his project only being postponed!




“ When all darkness shall be dissipated by the light of science, when all nations shall be merged into one, and patriotism shall be identical with religion, when there shall be one language, one country, one end, then the dream will have become reality.”Nikola Tesla


A brilliant scientist and a man of spirit, Tesla developed his truly unique inborn capacities to the point of making himself equal to an Avatar- a rare kind of ethical genius!

Among others, he predicted that the speeding up of information flow and the density of communication channels will unite Buddhism and Christianity.

Today the neuroscientists consider the EMPATHY (based on brain’s mirror neurons’ distinctive ability) to be the only way of development for our species. A shallow “cultural” adaptation occurs more rapidly than the biological one, and we need to handle a brand new techno landscape. So, could Nikola Tesla’s ideas be a gateway to accelerate human evolution?


Lucineh Hovanissian, © 2022







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[6] Fritjof Capra, The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems, 1998


[8] „Electrical World and Engineer“, 1905, PP 21-24

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 Lucineh Hovanissian ( Yerevan, Armenia) is a multi-disciplinary artist and essayist. She holds an M.D. cum laude from the Yerevan State Medical University and had specialization in brain studies at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. Hovanissian released 3 musical albums, authored soundtracks of documentary and feature films, has toured in Europe and North America. She’ll be present at “Counterpoint 2022 – TESLA: INSPIRATION” conference to be held in Belgrade, the 21st of June (14:00, Yugoslav Film Archive, Makavejev Hall, Uzun Mirkova 1).